N&M Divine Cuisine & Events​​

Oxon Hill, MD
Ultimate Class & Detail

Culinary Excellence

Unique Cuisine
  1. Chef's Culinary Expertise
    Chef's Culinary Expertise
    Chef is a native of Guatemala, has mastered the art of detailed garnish to perfectly seasoned cuisine that melts in your mouth.. His creativity sets N&M above the rest
  2. Unique Cuisine
    Unique Cuisine
    A distinctive take on mix between traditional, international and fine cuisine, using our innovative ideas to elevate events to another level. For an event to remember, never settle for less than unique, let us "wow" you
  3. Extraordinary Service & Detail
    Extraordinary Service & Detail
    Exceeding every client's expectations with great attention to detail therefore executing their vision with ease
Event Coordinating with Detail

 Leave the Details to us.....

`~We offer classy upscale cuisine at affordable prices to meet all budgets~
~Catering and Coordinating to relieve the stress of the day- sit back and enjoy with peace of mind~

  1. 1
    Passed Hors'd
    Chose from a variety of passed Hors d'oeuvres and passed champagne to delight your guest...a great first impression
  2. 2
    Stationary Hors'd
    Chose from variety of Stationary Hors d'oeuvers to satisfy their taste buds during a classy cocktail hour
  3. 3
    Dual Entree
    Chose 2 entrees from chicken to seafood to vegetarian options.Meeting the desire of each guest
  4. 4
    Side & Vegetable
    Complete the meal by chosing a variety of sides and vegetables leaving the guests content while complimenting the divine cuisine choices
Quality Service
Culinary & Event Specialists